Cascadia Grove Autumn Equinox High Rite ritual


Cascadia Grove will be holding our Autumn Equinox High Rite ritual on September 20th at 5pm via Zoom.  All folk of good will are invited!  Jim Harmon will be leading our rite.  We will be honoring the Norse pantheon, specifically Freya and Frey.  As Vanic deities, they are associated with agriculture, so we honor them at the time of the harvest.

After the ritual, we will have time for questions and discussion.  Cascadia Grove is committed to the inclusion of folks of good will.  With this in mind, we ask everyone on this call to practice awareness and sensitivity in regards to conversations about sex, race, gender, sexuality and other marginalized groups.  We ask that this time be focused on subjects of Pagan interest.  Politics are filling people’s minds a lot these days but we ask that folks keep the conversation apolitical to encourage a purposeful space for matters Pagan.
Isolation is still the best practice, so we will use the raw stuff of the internet to make magic and meet via Zoom.

Here is the link to download Zoom to your device:

And here is the Zoom link:

Here are some suggestions for during the ritual.

Sacred space:
If you are able to do so, prepare space for yourself to take part in the ritual.  Here are some ideas:

  • Be present to an altar or shrine you already have, or prepare one.  
  • Set out a candle (fire or battery).  
  • Burn a bit of incense.  
  • Meditate or center yourself in your space.  
  • Read something relevant to your path.
  • Listen to some calming music and do a bit of dance, or movement of your body.

The actual thing you do is not the most important part here.  Preparing your mind to do the practice of ritual, with intention and focus, is the underlying goal.  Engaging as many of your senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting) as possible can help with this.

Jim is going to be presenter for the ritual proper.  Shane, who will be controlling Zoom, will mute everyone during the ritual.  Sadly, Zoom does not allow us to all sing together so we’ll each need to sing muted.  I’ve attached the song sheet to this email.

During the personal offering time, we will pause for about 3 minutes so that each of us can make our offerings in our own bit of the sacred space we create.  If you have a thing you wish to offer, be prepared to put it out of use by human hands after ritual.  

  • For food items, this could be placing it out for the nature spirits to consume.  
  • If you wish to burn a thing and have means to have a fire, you could do that.  
  • If it is not a thing to be burned, like a stone, a bit of metal etc., you could place it outside your home in a space you make sacred for the Kindred and/or we can take it to White Mountain Druid Sanctuary* which has dedicated spaces for these types of offerings.
  • Liquid offerings can be given into the hands of Cloacina, Roman goddess of drains and sewers (no, we’re not kidding 🙂 ).  

Waters of life:
Come to ritual with a glass of something to use for the Waters of Life.  During the ritual, we will imbue these waters with magic, bless them and then drink them.  Waters of life are typically water, cider (hard or not), meade etc.  Have a glass of something available as we drink together of these waters that we make sacred.

Lastly, Shane holds a bimonthly Pagan meeting over Zoom on the second and fourth Sundays. You can receive updates about this through Meetup. Email us and we can give you more details.

If you would like to donate to help us pay for the Zoom account and sundries, please go to

May you be healthy and well until we meet again by the hearth’s fire,

Cascadia Grove, ADF 501(c)(3)

*Cascadia Grove supports White Mountain Druid Sanctuary, a modern day interpretation of ancient Indo-European rituals and practices located in Trout Lake, WA.  We are currently finishing a Shrine to the Goddess Brigid.  If you are curious, check out


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Shrines at White Mountain Druid Sanctuary

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