We’re meeting online during COVID-19 distancing

Hello Folk,

In consideration of the health and safety of our community and each other, we will not be hosting in-person events.

Instead, we will be meeting for meetups and rituals via zoom.com

Please see the calendar for meeting dates and times.

Be safe and be well until we meet again by the heart’s fire

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  1. Jason says:

    I am interested in getting a list of zoom meetings that I can get involved in

  2. BranGwen says:

    When will the next Zoom happen?

    • axismundi says:

      I have updated our calendar to include event dates and times. We will be posting zoom meeting links approximately 2 weeks prior to each ritual.

      Hope to see you at Imbolc!

  3. Jeffrey Kaiman says:

    I would like to attend Fall Equinox ritual with your Grove.
    When and where are you hosting the in-person meetings for that ritual?
    I am concerned that there seems to be a distinct history of nothing allowed but remote participation in your public rites. Are you not in service to the public by virtue of the ADF Constitution, Vision, and Practices? I would be concerned about being in violation of these stated principles.
    Other than this concern, I am interested in joining your Grove as I am a wayward Druid in need of a home.
    Very Respectfully,

    • axismundi says:

      Thank you for your interest in Cascadia Grove rituals. From 2011-2019, we held in person rituals. Since March 2020 we have been holding our rituals over Zoom. We have followed the CDC’s and WA state DOH’s advice to limit in person gatherings. Out of our commitment to the health of attendees, we stand by our decision to keep in person contact to a minimum. We will be watching the advice of the CDC and the WA state DOH to see when we should hold rituals in person in the future. We encourage everyone who is able to get a Covid vaccination as soon as possible. This will allow us, and the wider community in general, to enjoy each other’s physical presence once again.

      In regards to ADF’s response to the Covid pandemic, we are aligned with their advice to all Groves issued March 17 of 2020:

      “Due to the health concerns around COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we are suggesting that groves re-consider their plans for public rituals and act for the safety of all the folk.” Their specific direction includes:

      If you choose not to host in-person public rituals, we urge you to consider one of the following alternatives:

      – Provide the script of the rite to the folks and have everyone perform the rite at home on the same day as was planned and then have everyone compare notes and omens online.

      – Perform your rites over Zoom.

      – Virtual rites via the internet using Facebook, Discord, Slack, Skype, or other online interactive social media.

      If you have more questions about ADF’s policy about Covid, or interpretation of the Constitution, Vision or Practices, you are welcome to email them at https://www.adf.org/contact-us



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