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Cascadia Grove is a part of ADF.  The full name of our organization is Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc. The first part, pronounced arn REEokht fane, is modern Irish for “Our Own Druidism” (or “Druidry” or “Magic”) and that’s what we are — an independent tradition (denomination) of Neopagan Druidism. Since many people have trouble pronouncing and spelling our Irish name, we usually just say “ADF.”

ADF is working to combine in-depth scholarship with the inspiration of artistry and spiritual practice to create a powerful modern Paganism. We’re researching and interpreting sound modem scholarship (rather than romantic fantasies) about the ancient Indo-European Pagans — the Celts, Norse, Slavs, Balts, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Vedics, and others. Upon these cultural foundations we are working to build a religion that these ancient people would appreciate and understand yet one which has depth and power for modern people. We’re developing genuine skills in composition and presentation in the musical, dramatic, graphic, textile and other arts. We’re bringing together people trained in ritual, psychic skills and applied mythology to bring the remnants of the old ways to life. We’re creating a nonsexist, non-racist, organic, flexible and publicly available religion to practice as a way of life and to hand on to future generations.

Since our founding in 1983, we have succeeded in building the foundations of this vision’s reality. We have local congregations, called groves, in many cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, along with a handful in other countries. Within those groves we are designing powerful magical and religious ceremonies to bring the blessings of the gods and goddesses to our world. Our groves offer regular public worship of the old gods, serving as centers of Pagan organizing in many localities. We offer our people the full range of religious and social activities including weddings, funerals, child blessings etc. — along with ways of enriching the soul.

We’ve created a system of training designed to work for Druidic Pagans whether solitary or participating in a Grove, so that all can participate in our work and benefit from communion with the gods and spirits. ADF has long worked to build a solid, professional training program for Pagan clergy; in addition we’re building a system of guilds, bodies of teachers and students devoted to traditional spiritual, physical and artistic skills. Together we are striving to make our training system the most complete and effective in the Pagan movement.

We’re holding regional festivals to help our members meet, study, pray and play together. We’re building temples and holy places on the land, places where the Otherworld and our common world can draw nearer. We’re actively preparing for the day when Pagan religions will be part of the mainstream global culture.

Our local Grove was formed in September of 2012 and serves the Puget Sound area.  We meet 8 times a year to celebrate the equinoxes, solstices and the cross quarter days (including Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Samhain). All of our celebrations are free.  We invite all to share with us in celebrating the natural diversity of religious experience and expression.

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  1. axismundi says:

    Hello Seajae,
    We will hold our Samhain rite on November 7th at Shoreline UUC. Here is a link to the event.


  2. Santo Rizzolo says:

    I was wondering if anybody in the group meets more often than on the solstice and are there any classes offered? I am currently deployed but when I return I plan to look for a group and a teacher, if possible.


    • axismundi says:

      We generally meet once per month either for ritual or for an ad hop workshop on a variety of topics. We have worked on meditation, divination, ritual practice etc.
      We are always open to suggestions and special interests.

      • Mina says:

        Blessings! We are in search of a Druid Priest or Priestess to officiate our wedding/ handfasting in early August. Please help to point us in the right direction. Thank you and many blessings!
        Mina Draper

        • axismundi says:

          Hello Mina,

          Where are you planning to hold the Handfasting? Knowing your location will help me get you to the right people.

          Pleasant roads,


  3. Casey Hawkins says:

    My wife, Kim, and me, Casey, would like to learn more about this group and possibly join.
    We are from Enumclaw, wa.
    Where can we find more info on your members and your group as a whole.

    • axismundi says:

      Hello Casey and Kim,

      Looks like I’m behind on emails. Information about ADF in general is available at the ADF website.
      Our grove, Cascadia Grove, meets on or near the 8 high days recognized by ADF. These are the solstices and equinoxes. We currently meet in Shoreline Washington, but will begin alternating our local rites between there and a new location in Tukwilla. I will be updating our calendar with currently scheduled dates, times and locations soon.

      We’re working on a mailing list (finally) and would be happy to include you on it if you wish.


  4. Jarrett Wilson says:

    I wish to join. Please reach out

    • Debbie Olhoeft says:

      Hi Jarrett! We do High Rite rituals for each Equinox, Solstice and Cross quarter day. Our rituals are open to the public and you are welcome to join us. Beltane will be in the north end of Seattle on May 7th at 3pm and Summer Solstice will be in the south end. We look forward to meeting you!

  5. Danielle Beaulieu says:

    I would like to be added to your mailing list, if possible. Thank you!!

  6. Shannon says:

    Can you please add me to your mailing list? Thanks!

  7. Brigid says:

    Can you please add me to the mailing list? I used to be on it, but I realized the equinox has come and gone without any event invite, and so it must have been my old email on the list! 🙁

  8. Brigid says:

    Crud I typed my email wrong! It is brigid@fastmail.com


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Shrines at White Mountain Druid Sanctuary

It is summer 2019 and the Goddess Brigid’s Shrine is being built! The walls are up and the roof should be done by winter. The Goddess Samona’s Shrine just has a few finishing touches. Over the last year, we also got a statue of Lleu Llaw Gyffes and there is now a shelter built over his statue.
The Patreon site (patreon.com/wmds) has been updated with information about getting engraved bricks for the walkway up to Brigid’s Shrine. We also have a blog at https://witchesandpagans.com/pagan-paths-blogs/cascadia-druids.html.