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Greetings!   Summer has passed and fall is upon us.  The change in season means that work on the Shrines at White Montain Druid Sanctuary is on hold until the Spring thaw. Until then, I am turning my attention to our…Continue Reading

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Hello All, The Seattle Pagan Meetup Group meets every other Sunday morning for discussion, learning and exploration of things relevant to pagans of all stripes. Our next meeting is 10am, Sunday, July 28th at the Greenwood Senior Center. Check out…Continue Reading

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Greetings! Cascadia Grove will be celebrating Summer Solstice at Cunning Crow Apothecary Saturday, June 22nd at 5pm.  (Please note the date change from earlier emails).  The ritual will be Norse with Loki as the deity of the Occassion.  There is a specific…Continue Reading

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Are you interested in visiting a place created to honor the deities of the ancient Indo-European past?  Do you wish to deepen your connection to the Land Spirits or your Ancestors?  Does attending high rites around a fire in a…Continue Reading

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Hello and welcome. Our upcoming events are listed on the right.  Everyone is welcome.

Cernunnos Shrine Campaign

We are Cascadia Grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) and we're building a Shrine to Cernunnos, God of Liminality, Commerce, and the Forest, at White Mountain Druid Sanctuary in Trout Lake, Washington state.

We need your help! Take part in our crowdfunding campaign. Click here to go to our Patreon site.

White Mountain Druid Sanctuary is one of the few places in the country that has imagined and created an environment similar to what we believe our ancient ancestors worshiped in, and then placed it in a modern setting. Grounded in what we know from artifacts and written history, ADF has created rituals that honor the Indo-European pantheons of old. At White Mountain Druid Sanctuary, we are creating a place in which we can honor the Gods and Goddesses of old, the Nature Spirits, and our Ancestors.