The Goddess Brigid’s Shrine at WMDS

AS of fall 2019, the foundation, walls, and roof of the Goddess Brigid’s shrine are up and ready to withstand the winter.  Kirk Thomas, the founder and creator of White Mountain Druid Sanctuary (WMDS), decided on a circular theme for Brigid’s shrine.  It is placed over the irrigation ditch so there is a short wall to keep people from stumbling into the water.  


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Shrines at White Mountain Druid Sanctuary

It is summer 2019 and the Goddess Brigid’s Shrine is being built! The walls are up and the roof should be done by winter. The Goddess Samona’s Shrine just has a few finishing touches. Over the last year, we also got a statue of Lleu Llaw Gyffes and there is now a shelter built over his statue.
The Patreon site ( has been updated with information about getting engraved bricks for the walkway up to Brigid’s Shrine. We also have a blog at